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Surface Mount Prototyping Workshop

Friday April 21st, 3:00pm

UMass Alum Chris Montoya will be joining us in M5 for a surface mount prototyping workshop, using a reflow oven! This is an excellent opportunity to get some hands on experience working with surface mount electronics, and to speak with a knowledgeable engineer working in the field. We will dive right into the workshop and then have time to ask any other general questions. Each student will have their own kit to work with, so spots are limited. so RSVP soon if you would like a spot!

TO RSVP: Email Dan Travis (dtravis AT umass DOT edu). First come first serve reservations.

M5 Superstar: Christian Haughwout

As many of you know, M5 is home to ECE makers. But as you have probably found out, M5 is also a makerspace for a few exceptional students from other departments at UMass. Today you will find out that M5 is home to Christian Haughwout, who is a double major in ChemE and PoliSci.

Christian Haughwout is a very talented and active maker. He built a digital clock at the age of 8, and is now working on a magnetic levitation device. There is a lot that I could tell you about Christian, but I’m going to let the video below speak for itself.



Edmar G.