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Euler’s stage

If you’ve been to one of M5’s Friday alumni and faculty talks you know that Euler’s room has the potential to host anything from a casual info session to a small scale theatre production. The stage area was built in M5 by fellow electrons. M5 has two high tech fluorescent light sources for filming and photography. The space is charming and cozy and can fit up to 100 people with the possibility of having an overflow room. If anyone is interested in theatre automation, directing a play or having any event such as open mic night, talk or performance, talk to one of M5’s staff members so that they can help you turn your idea into reality!


M5 Superstar: Christian Haughwout

As many of you know, M5 is home to ECE makers. But as you have probably found out, M5 is also a makerspace for a few exceptional students from other departments at UMass. Today you will find out that M5 is home to Christian Haughwout, who is a double major in ChemE and PoliSci.

Christian Haughwout is a very talented and active maker. He built a digital clock at the age of 8, and is now working on a magnetic levitation device. There is a lot that I could tell you about Christian, but I’m going to let the video below speak for itself.



Edmar G.

Did ya know? – Saturday Hacker Day Workshops

Hey everyone, did you know that every Saturday afternoon,  M5 is open for you to either make/build/hack/concoct any projects or participate in a workshop? Well now you do.

M5 is open almost every Saturday, from 12:00pm to 3:30pm. During this time, Sean Klaiber (EE’11), Edmar Goncalves (CSE’12), and I (CSE’12) facilitate a workshop on a particular topic. Previous topics that we’ve covered include: EagleCAD, the “Hidden-Sounds Band”, and most recently, the Arduino. The last Saturday, the workshop taught the basics of the awesome prototyping platform Arduino. We covered how to set it up, as well as digital and analog input and output.

But, just because there’s a preset workshop, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing you can do. You can also work on your personal electronics project–and we’re here to help with that too! Just let us know, and we’ll help you make something cool. For more information about the coming workshops, keep an eye out on Sean’s blog posts (it’s usually labeled “The Future”),  or contact him by email: smklaiber (at)

-Rodrigo Bismonte

Did ya know? – M5’s Sealed Concrete Floors

Hey everyone, did you know that this past summer, a huge operation that involved the UMass Physical Plant, some of the M5 staff, and several volunteer ECE students led to the sealing of M5’s concrete floors? Well now you do.

The somewhat dusty floors of M5 has been banished using technology! And all it took was laboriously shuffling the furniture and general stuff between Euler’s Good room (formerly known as the Good Room), the Pi Room (formerly known as the Round Room), and the Shop in order for the crew from the Physical Plant to apply several coats of sealant on the concrete. The greatest effect of this is that the floors are much easier to sweep, and consequently reduced the amount of dust in M5. So enjoy one of M5’s newest features, and help keep M5 clean!



Impomptu Kirby dance on the clean floors:
<( ** )> <(**<) (>**)>  ^( ** )^

Did ya know? – Documentary Nights

Hey everyone, did you know that every Friday night, a few students gather in M5 to watch documentaries? Well now you do.

Haiyan Xu (EE’12) organizes the weekly documentary night (soon to be titled), and everyone’s welcome to attend. Past selections have included Zeitgeist, Food Inc., Death of the Electric Car, and most recently, we watched Planet Earth: Fresh Water. Following each showing, the group discusses the issues mentioned in the film. Anything is free game, from discussing the political reasons that led to the “death” of the electric car, to the “cute” 2-meter long salamanders that gobbled up fish in Japan’s rivers. So come join in the fun and thoughtful discussions. For more information, contact Haiyan by email:  xu (at)