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Did ya know?[Future Edition] – Another EAGLE Workshop!

Hey everyone, did you know that last semester, a handful of our M5 makers designed their own circuits, then proceeded to get them manufactured? Well now you do.

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But don’t feel like you missed it, because we’re offering the EAGLE workshop again! This coming Saturday from 12:00 to 3:00, Sean and I will be heading the workshop, where you’ll learn about what it takes to go from schematic to a shiny green (or red) printed circuit board. The main backbone for this process is EAGLE (Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor), a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program, which you will learn about in the workshop if you sign up today! Expect an email from Sean with more details, or if you just can’t wait to sign up, email him at smklaiber (at)

On another note, today is Heinrich Rudolf Hertz’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mr. Hertz!


Linux Workshop

“An older computer of mine once had a string of blue death screens and so I deleted Windows. Then installed Ubuntu. Then was happy againĀ :)” ~ Sean Klaiber

On Saturday November 19th, Sean Klaiber hosted the second Linux workshop ever in M5, followed after the first one on Thursday the 17th. With a really cool PowerPoint presentation Sean took 12 engineering students through the basics of Linux based operating systems. Students engaged in basic yet very important command line actions that involved creating/deleting files/directories, directory navigation, sorting words within a text file and more.

So, Sean, why Linux?

Well…”Linux has been hugely successful as far as efficiency is concerned but remains difficult to use for most”. With this workshop Sean hoped to clear away some of the confusion and give students the opportunity to “boost their resume skills, teach them enough that all UNIX like systems will make less confusion, and expose the awesomeness of the command line”.

The presentation slides will be posted on M5’s website soon for those of you who would like to take a peek at them. For more info, reach out to Sean.

Attenders: Shamit Som (EE ’14), Matthew Wojick (EE ’15), Trevor Elkins (CSE ’13), Fabien Ahmed (EE & Physics ’13), Michael Brown (EE ’15), Colin Morrisseau (EE ’15), Andrew Sousa (EE ’15), Scott Arnold-Stanton (EE ’14), Guillermo Velasco (CSE ’14), Sharon Santana (CSE ’15), Chris Paika (CSE ’15) and Christian Haughwout (PoliSci & ChmE ’15).

-Edmar G.