Circuits and Code! Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at UMass Amherst invites all tech-lovers to attend the 4th biannual Circuits and Code, the Electronics and Computing Student Project Showcase. Please join us in this all-ages celebration of tech and human creativity.

Date: Saturday, 1 December 2012

Time: 12 Noon – 4 PM

Place: UMass Amherst, M5, Marcus Hall, Lower Level, Room 5 (northern end of the building)

If you are coming to Circuits and Code, please get your free ticket or tickets >>here<<

This event is free and open to the public! Directions and parking info will be emailed to those who register via the link above.

Refreshments will be served.

Projects being showcased at this semester’s Circuits and Code:

The 16.7 MIllion Color Room
WiFi-enabled High Power Red-Green-Blue LEDs (45 watts of glorious color)
by Alden Michaels


RGB Home Thermometer
Run by Arduino, this device is capable of measuring environmental temperature and reporting this data in a variety of ways.
by Derek Foster EE ’16


Simple, Portable, Affordable Speakers
This project is to design and build speakers that are portable, affordable, and strong enough to play off of a computer or iPod.
by Justin Waller EE ’16


Electronic Paintball Case
With a press of a switch the case will raise a paintball marker and its contents.
by David Patlut CSE ’16


Fire-Fighting Robot
Designing a robot to seek out a fire and extinguish it using CO2!
by Chitula Chipimo CSE ’15, Peter Blum CSE ’14 and Noah Portnoy CSE ’15


Izobrot Magnetic Electronics
A child-friendly electronics toy kit for children containing parts that snaps together with magnets.
by Arseny Izotov EE ’15 and Gabriela Calinao Correa EE ’15


Mystical Mic
A microphone for kids that changes their voices up and down octaves and can also make them sound like a robot.
by Chad Bonin EE ’14


Arkanoid Controller
An android application that controlls a PC version of the game araknoid.
by Albion Lici CSE ’15


Stalking RC car
An RC car that follows a moving target controlled by an Arduino
by David DeAngelo CSE ’16


Piezo Ped
This is a design for a shoe insert that turns mechanical energy into electricity you can use to charge your cell phone or MP3 player with on the go.
by Julie Norton, ME ’14


Play the Room
Ongoing M5 project to create musical installations for the π room.
by Michael Murphy EE ’15


MIDI-Lick Arduino Unit
A MIDI controller featuring individually controllable instruments for each key using capacitive-touch swipe gestures.
by Melissa Lau EE ’13/CSE ’14 and Mathew Lau, EE ’15


EAGLE circuit board software and the Accurate 366 PCB Prototyping Machine
An exploration of the functions of EAGLE by Cadsoft, the Accurate 366 and the PhCNC software.
by Raveena Kothare, EE ’16


4x4x4 Arduino LED Cube
Rather than the standard block of LEDs hooked to multiple shift registers arranged in a grid-like pattern, this project utilize a simple setup that uses 16 “spires” that are composed of 4 RGB LEDs stacked on top of each other. The entire build uses only 64 RGB LEDs and a single Arduino for hardware.
by George Koomson EE ’16


12 Watt Solar Panel
Solar-powered battery charger
Chhayou Hak EE ’15


Finance Seminar Series
A series of hour-long seminars covering a wide range of topics ranging from Stocks and Options to Banking and Taxes.
by Arber Doci EE ’13


Word Clock
An elegant LED backlit typographical display that tells the time using words.
Luke Vu EE ’16


Ultra Violet
Documenting the Ultra Violet robot.
by Tiffany Jao ’15  and Don Liang ’16


Project Haptic Belt
This haptic belt uses GPS from the wearer’s Android device to give the wearer information about relative location via vibrating motors.
by Christopher Allum EE and CS ’15

*Supply sufficient power to wirelessly light an LED with a voltage requirement greater than that of a battery by means of Tesla’s bifilar coil and a joule thief.
Jose LaSalle EE ’16

Power and Position Detector for Industrial Cutting Lasers
(Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Senior Design Project)

A water-cooled, thermocouple-based infrared laser detector with embedded data acquisition system and 2D position control, intended to characterize the power output and beam drift of high-power industrial cutting lasers.
by Niles Batchelder ME ’13, Kelley Kolb ME ’13,  Jacob Miller-Mack ME ’13, David Ng ME ’13.
Project Sponsor: PRIMA-Electro North America, Electronics and Laser Technologies

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