M5 Talk: T. Walley Williams presents the Boston Digital Arm

Join us this Friday for a talk about the Boston Digital Arm: the first prosthetic limb to incorporate microcontrollers.

speaker: T. Walley Williams, III – Director, Product Development, Liberating Technologies, Inc.

time:    Friday, 2 November 2012 at 3:00 PM

location: M5, UMass Amherst, Marcus Hall, Room 5 (Lower Level)

Register at http://digital-arm.eventbrite.com for a chance to win DOOR PRIZES!

Website and more details: http://umassamherstm5.org/digital-arm

^^^Check out this websites for more info about Boston Digital Arm!!!^^^

Please join us for refreshments after the talk.

Come to M5 this Friday to learn all about microcontrollers, CPLDs, and digital prosthetic limbs! T. Walley Williams, Director of Product Development at Liberating Technologies, Inc., will be giving a talk on the Boston Digital Arm, a smart and powerful prosthetic technology. In 2001, the Boston Digital Arm was the first prosthetic limb to ever make use of a microcontroller. Since 1973, Mr. Williams has worked directly with prosthetists and amputees to design and update products to meet the challenges of upper limb amputation vytorin 10 40 generic. As new technologies have become available, he has continuously upgraded the Boston Digital Arm. Using this arm, he designed the first multi-degree-of-freedom arm used to test the concept of Targeted Muscle Reinervation. Among his recent contributions to upper limb prosthetics is his patented  locking shoulder joint. Mr. Williams earned his BS in Physics from the University of Virginia in 1954 and his MS in Physicas from Columbia University in 1960. He is an Honorary Member of the Americam Academy of Orthotists and prosthetists and a recipient of its award for Creativity in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

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