DP123 Monday Madness Crazy!!!

Who gave M5 a welder, and a grinder?  And all that safety gear and clothing that renders one anonymous, and rather frightening-looking?

Team Proteus5, subdivided into further teams, now has a cacophony of grinding and sawing noises to accompany their workings-on as the build team fires up the power tools in the corner of the backroom, the future site of the M5 fabrication lab, dubbed Fab5.

Fab5 is a the future facility that will expand the build capabilities of M5 to include metalworking, woodworking, and plastic and glass work.  We have, so far, a welder and grinder.

At this week’s Play the Room, we decided against playing the room in the literal sense, with solenoids on the pipes and ducts and such throughout the Good Room, primarily to cut down on the amount of tubing and mounting hardware required for such an endeavor, as to save time and fully realize our goal of an electromechanical, MIDI-controlled instrument.
We have decided, instead, to use a metal cabinet that housed some sophisticated-looking engineering equipment, including a piece at the bottom (the power supply, perhaps) that features a sign: DANGER / LETHAL VOLTAGE.
We gutted all the cables out of it and found some promising locations for the pneumatic actuators we have arriving soon.  Also–our arduino software is looking good!  More on all of this soon!

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