ECE297DP – Come Do Individual Projects at M5 This Fall!

Your ECE education at UMass is quite remarkable. You will graduate very well prepared with the theory and computational skills you will need to start useful work in the real world.
To have a really well balanced viewpoint, though, you need to have hands-on experience building stuff. M5 is the place provided for making things – electronic, mechanical, audio, RF, and more – or breaking things to find out how they work(ed), or fixing things. The M5 team is eager to help you with project ideas and pointers. Come get your hands dirty!
The 297DP course offers you one course credit, pass-fail, so you even get some academic credit for coming and having fun. You also get resume cred for listing the cool projects you’ve done.
Also – if you have a team project in mind, you can take ECE497DP as the mentor / project leader, and get even more resume cred!
Chuck Malloch is especially interested in distributed sensor systems and home monitoring. He has experience with ESP8266, NeoPixel strips, Node-Red, MQTT, Mosquitto, UDP, Python, Perl, and X-10 system components and would love to work with you on projects to monitor building systems and environments and provide assistive technology to the elderly and disabled. Come talk to him at M5! He’s there every Wed and Sat at least from 2:30 to 4:30, and usually gets there much earlier.

Chuck Malloch

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