Emma5, March3(rd)

So I would figure that the biggest update we have is that our mechanical system is coming aliiiiivee!
Parts keep arriving and Emma is slowly gaining a physical core. Other than that, all the other teams are making some significant process in the development of their subgroups. Our Text-to-Speech, sensing, brain, and media streaming groups are working on their code and playing around with their respective microcontrollers.
On the power group (responsible for not letting Emma fry… or anyother subgroup in that case… while allowing them to function) has started to run tests on their given circuit, and hasn’t blown anything… yet… Which is always a good sign.
Our power group has been working on soldering tiny little transistors onto the cool little Bandicoot SMD protoboard. Unfortunately for them, these transistors are literally tiny! They have been going to the Senior Design Project Lab in order to use an appropriate solder iron for the job.

And for this week, this is it! Soon we will be reaching the halfway point of the semester, where hopefully most students will have accomplished their mid semester goals. So for now, I’ll finish this blog with a picture of Adib thoughtfully staring at an abyss (or M5’s wall) and Matt working dilligently on his Arduino code in the background.

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