M5 Sponsors CVSA’s Alternative Spring Break Trip

The Cape Verdean Student Alliance is a student run organization that was founded in 1982 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Its main mission is to educate the university and its surrounding communities about the Cape Verdean culture, history and traditions and at the same time giving educational access to the Cape Verdean diaspora living in the New England states.

For the third consecutive year, CVSA is putting together an Alternative Spring break trip to the mother land to continue to build on a relationship between Cape Verde and the UMass and to expose our students to the rich history and culture of the islands and at the same time have them be of some service to the community they will be visiting. This trip not only will enrich the students’ knowledge of Cape Verde but will hopefully build a relationship between CVSA and other educational institutions in the island.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible to realize this activity without support. For the second time in a row M5 has been one of those supporters. Following the great success with t-shirt sales last year to raise funds, M5 has once again provided its space and equipment for t-shirt manufacture.

Check out the cool pictures bellow. Those are the portraits of two HUGE figures of the Cape Verdean culture. Amilcar Cabral was the revolutionary leader who drove both Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde to independence in the 1970’s. Cesaria Evora who is considered the queen of Morna, was an international sensation whose voice captured the attention of many, including pop superstar Madonna who has long been a fan of hers.

T-shirt making in Euler's Room, M5
Amilcar Cabral t-shirts
Cesaria Evora t-shirts
DIY t-shirt making YUDU machine

-Edmar G.


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