M5 Workshops for this Saturday, October 13

Personal Finance Seminar Series

Arber Doci, EE ’13, will be teaching a Personal Finance Seminar Series as a part of M5 SaturdayWorkshops. Learn about economic matters and how to manage your money in this essential seminar series. You can (and should!) come to all of them, listed below, or you can pick and choose which individual seminars you would like to attend.
The first seminar will be held this Saturday, October 13th, at 1:00 PM in M5. The topic will be Banking, Credit, Introduction to IPOs.
Contact Arber at adoci@student.umass.edu for questions!
Other seminars in this series include:
Saturday October 13th, 1pm – “Banking, Credit, Introduction to IPOs”
Saturday October 20th, 1pm – “Getting Involved in the Stock Market”
Saturday November 3rd, 1pm – “Money Matters”
Saturday November 17th, 1pm – “Taxes?”
Saturday November 24th, 1pm – “Getting Involved in the Options Market”
Saturday December 1st, 1pm – “Why is your Money Losing Value”


Machine Shop

There will be a Makerspace Workshop this Saturday, October 13th, from 2-5pm taught by David Elentukh.

This will be the second in the several part series to make a new bike rack behind M5. Learn to use bench grinders, reciprocating metal saws, pipe benders and other metalworking tools. No prior experience is required. Only the first 10 people to RSVP will be taken. Other people are welcome to come and watch and learn, but due to limited space, not everyone can be working simultaneously website here.

If you’d like to come out and work on a personal project, just sit and watch, or help out, all are always welcome.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP to David at delentuk@student.umass.edu





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