M5 TALK: John Mardirosian, BSEE ’81, MSEE ’84 (CalTech) Performance Engineering


Friday, 13 April 2012 at 3:30 PM

John Mardirosian, BSEE ’81, BS Physics ’84, MSEE ’82 (CalTech) 

Performance Engineering

an exploration of what can go wrong when subtle yet crucial
factors are ignored when designing complex systems

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time: Friday, 13 April 2012 at 3:30 PM

speaker:  John Mardirosian, Physicist-Electrician-Electrical Engineer

location: Euler’s Good Room in M5, UMass Amherst, Marcus Hall, Room 5 (Lower Level)

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Please join us for refreshments after the talk.

Come down to M5 this Friday for a presentation on case studies that outline the significant consequences of ignoring seemingly insignificant design factors in complex systems engineering. The goal of this investigation is to broaden the horizons of students who are working on or will soon work on designing highly involved systems.  The case studies will highlight on how students must be able to pick out and concentrate on the subtle but important design elements that are crucial to the success of their project endeavors.
Speaker Bio:


John has several degrees, including a BS in EE and BS in Physics from UMass and an MS in EE from California Institute of Technology. He is currently pursuing an MBA at BU.


From an early age John was interested in electricity. Childhood experiments with simple kits to make battery-driven experiments led to a vocational education in electrical, and eventually to a college education in electrical engineering. While at UMass, John’s quest for a deep understanding of things led to an interest in physics. A passion for excellence continued this drive through college and the rest of his career.


John’s career has spanned a range of positions, including Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Systems Architect, Program Manager, and Functional Manager.

John has worked for a variety of companies including AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories, Raytheon, Foliage Software Systems, MITRE, and Philips Medical. In these companies he has worked on communications systems, early detection radar systems, weather radar systems, aircraft landing systems, personal rapid transit systems, medical imaging system, large-scale web site development, national reconnaissance systems, and medical devices.

John’s early career included modeling communications systems and development of a patented carrier recovery approach for digital microwave radio systems. Subsequent positions led to work on larger- and larger-scale systems, each with differing technologies and significantly different stake holders.

Other Items Of Interest:

John is a member of Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, and Phi Kappa Phi and is a strong believer that investing heavily in your education and in your passion is one of the keys to a successful and satisfying life.

John is also a graduate of Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School and is a licensed electrician in the state of Massachusetts. John has worked as an Electric Motor Rewinder and as an Electrician responsible for a 17-story building in Cambridge Massachusetts before entering college.

John has continued to develop new interests over time, renovating his house, trying indoor and outdoor sky diving, playing music, and riding motorcycles. John took up skiing just this past winter.

The Spring 2012 M5 TALK series is sponsored by Roberto Padavani (M.S. ECE ’83, Ph.D. ECE ’85) and Colleen Padovani (A.S. ’75, B.S. ’82).

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