Maker Day Feb. 14th, 2015

This past Saturday, students spent the afternoon in M5 playing with arduinos, learning to solder, and brainstorming project ideas.

Walter Brown [CSE/CS ’16] introduced brother Jacob Brown [high school] to arduino. They started with a blinking LED, and adapted it to a variable tone generator. [Picture]

Jason Nguyen [EE ’17] came by to go above and beyond with his MIPS assembly code project for ECE 232, and then went through some arduino example projects.


Adish Rai [CSE/CS ’18], Anthony Chan [CSE/CS ’18], and graduate student Somnath Chakraborty [ECE ’16] brainstormed ideas for a ‘shake-to-recharge’ circuit that would harness kinetic energy via electromagnetic induction and use that to store electrical energy to be delivered to a phone. Concepts such as power and energy conservation, electromagnetic induction, rectification, inductance, capacitance, and mechanical-to-electric conversion were discussed and applied using the tools provided by M5.

We were excited to have all of these interested students, and look forward to seeing their projects in the future.


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