Product Design: First Post

The design of Partyduino is now in full gear! Partyduino is a circuit that was designed to make some funky beats and noises. The inputs to the arduino are two pots that determine which beats and noises are played. The arduino outputs a digital square wave that is altered by the low-pass filter and some caps, to a 3.5mm female stereo connector. Today, Joe the project leader, lead the design team in finalizing version 1 of the design for the circuit by adding a low-pass filter to the output signal. Dan is taking on the task of loading a bootloader to the ATMega 328 avr. Alden is on an alternative code that will generate two audio signals simultaneously. Mike is gathering all the parts needed for the pcb as well gahering all the datasheets for the parts. The datasheets will help when designing he actual pcb because the datasheet contains the dimensions for the respectful part.We’ll see you next week when
we start designing the pcb!!!

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