Saturday is Maker Day [Feb 21, 2015]

3D Printers, micromouse robotics, and robotic arms. Today was a great day for making.

Aaron Lucia [CSE ’17]  is the first to 3D print an enclosure and gears for his team’s maze-solving MicroMouse robot. Here is a video of last year’s all-freshman team taking 1st place at the MicroMouse competition:

Onlookers Walter Brown [CSE/CS ’16] (right) and Jake Spinney [CSE ’16] (left) watch the printer at work as it prints the base and walls of Aaron’s (middle) enclosure.





Walter then got to work on re-resurrecting a 1980s robotic arm, after its first (known) resurrection at last years HackUMass 14:–G

Earlier in the week, Walter and Minh Tran [CSE ’16] started reviving the arm (MiniMover) to give M5 some electronic life. It is now up and running, just in time to give a show for the early-acceptance tours coming through.



Be sure to stop by next week!

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