Saturday Is MakerDay [Since Feb. 28th, 2015]

Late post, but we have some projects here that are worth sharing.

First up, Jake Spinney’s [CSE ’16] 3D Printed Wifi-Booster holder for his laptop. He whipped up the design in Autodesk Inventor in a couple minutes, and hit print.


Next is Shamit Som [M.S. ECE ’15] with another 3D printed holder. This box is to hold his self-designed voltage regulator for USB charging in his car. After designing the printed circuit board, getting it manufactured, and soldering the components, he now has a regulator that performs better than most commercial USB chargers on the market. Ask him about unstable GND!


Lastly we have Alex Maerko’s [EE ’15] recreation of an arduino driven 3x3x3 LED Cube. He pulled up the instructables and put it together in a couple days:

Check it out

Keep making

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