Some random ideas for independent projects

Some of these ideas might spark your interest. Or your interests might lie well beyond anything included here. Come talk to me! You might (but you needn’t) be interested in signing up for ECE297DP (for individual projects and participants in group projects) or ECE497DP (for leaders of group projects).

For Beginners

  • work with transistors
  • learn how to make an astable multivibrator with a 555
    • generate PWM
  • build an H-bridge
    • learn about some commercial integrated circuits (L293 or SN754410); read a spec sheet
  • learn how to drive a stepper motor
    • wires or switches
    • using a driver chip ( and sequelae)
      reading a spec sheet
    • driving a sequence of LEDs using an Arduino
    • driving the stepper motor
  • drum module <


For More Advanced Students

  • FPGA drive for screen from dead laptop
  • use current amplifier to use an LED to *detect* (and measure!) light
  • build a differential amplifier
  • use a phase locked loop to detect modulated light amidst strong ambient light noise
  • filter noisy analog inputs <>
  • create a demonstration system using a CPLD / FPGA
  • pose monitoring for a tracking solar array (magnetic field, acceleration)
    • solar powered
    • wireless connection to NodeRed