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Online schematic editor and version control

A while ago I saw this XKCD cartoon and it got me thinking about how true it is that we do so much online.

What I want to tell you about is yet another thing you can do online, schematic editing and version control. I recently found this website called www.upverter.com.

Upverter allows people to collaborate on schematic design. Users can create schematics using a large database of parts available on the website. User can add parts to the database as well. Others can fork off your design and modify it making a new development branch, this allows the user to keep his design, and other users to copy it and modify it. You can also roll back to previous versions of the design, the website keeps track of all your changes and and versions making it easy to trace back your steps. Upverter puts forward the collaborative aspect of engineering design, it’s a great place to find cool circuits and learn about them.

Here is the process of designing a circuit: