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Did ya know? – Audio Engineering Club

Hey everyone, did you know that every Friday afternoon, several students meet in the M5 Studio to learn about audio? Well now you do.

Chris Garry (CSE’13) leads the M5 Audio Engineering club, and they learn everything they can about audio–from creation to production. So far, Chris has taught the basics of audio production in FL Studio as well as recording and editing audio tracks in Logic 9. The club meets every Friday, from 4:30 to ‘whenever‘ (and that’s quoted from Chris himself). So, if you’re inclined to learn more about the recording process, or learn how to get started in music production, or if you just want to jam (they always need recorded tracks to fiddle around with), then contact Chris Garry at cgarry (at) student.umass.edu.

-Rodrigo Bismonte

Did ya know? – Documentary Nights

Hey everyone, did you know that every Friday night, a few students gather in M5 to watch documentaries? Well now you do.

Haiyan Xu (EE’12) organizes the weekly documentary night (soon to be titled), and everyone’s welcome to attend. Past selections have included Zeitgeist, Food Inc., Death of the Electric Car, and most recently, we watched Planet Earth: Fresh Water. Following each showing, the group discusses the issues mentioned in the film. Anything is free game, from discussing the political reasons that led to the “death” of the electric car, to the “cute” 2-meter long salamanders that gobbled up fish in Japan’s rivers. So come join in the fun and thoughtful discussions. For more information, contact Haiyan by email:  xu (at) student.umass.edu.