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CIRCUITS and CODE Fall 2011






Come see cool projects at M5!  Circuits and Code is our semesterly project showcase.  M5 DP123 projects, some senior design projects, and individual projects will be demonstrated by their creators and inventors.

If you would like to show off a cool project of yours at this year’s C&C, send me an email!

patrick DOT m DOT estabrook AT gmail DOT com


MIDI ArcAYde – The First M5 Arduino Shield

Did you ever play an old PacMan arcade game and think, “Wow those sounds are awesome!  If only I could make them with an Arduino shield and a MIDI controller…”

Your prayers have been answered.  The AY chip is an arcade sound chip used to generate effects and music for a number of old arcade and console games.  M5ers made a circuit last spring that takes in MIDI information, such as that from a keyboard controller, and translates it into AY chip-speak.

The end result?  You can play note on a MIDI keyboard and generate big buzzy awesome arcade sounds.  All you need is an Arduino with the right software on it, our MIDI ArcAYde shield (get it?) and a MIDI controller, all of which we have at M5.  So come check it out!

DP123 Ahh, the sound of money

Do a 1 credit pass/fail ECE design project this semester! That’s what DP123 is all about… ECE Design projects for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students.

Section 1: Every Monday, 2:30 – 5:30: Emma5 is one fine robot – Instructor: R. Zannoni (297DP: 4 seats left, 497DP: 4 seats left).Tons more details about the robot project subteams are posted the UMassAmherstM5 facebook wall. (Thx TJ) Like it!

Section 2: Every Tuesday, 2:30 – 5:30: The world is a stage – Instructors: TBS and M. Cottom. (297DP: 10 seats left, 497DP: 4 seats left). We’ll be working with the UMass Theater dept to design a crazy robotic thing based on a to take on the road to attract high school students to come here and study either Theater Tech or ECE! It’ll be a blast.

Section 3: Every Wednesday, 2:30 – 5:30: Assistance please! – Instructor: R. Zannoni  (297DP: 9 seats left, 497DP: 4 seats left). This project or projects will be in the very wide category of Assistive Technology. Use your tech know-how to help another person in their daily life.

Section 4: Every Thursday, 2:30 – 5:30: Ahh, the sound of money! – Instructor: TBS  (297DP: 7 seats left, 497DP: 4 seats left). The fortunate bipeds in this section will make things or kits and sell then on eBay! Fun and Profit! There will be an emphasis on sound-generating gadgets.

Ahh, the sound of money

Adib Khozouee