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UMass Amherst engineering students get into Intel sponsored competition

In exactly 5 months and 7 days, two senior design project teams along with their faculty advisers from our ECE department will be participating in the Intel-sponsored Cornell Cup USA competition that will be taking place at Disney World!!!!!

The two teams are the Automated Aero-Painting System (AAPS) and the Augmented Reality teams, whose advisors are Professor Moritz (with Professor Grupen from the Compsci department serving as co-advisor) and Professor Wolf, respectively. To find out more about these teams and their projects visit the links bellow:

AAPS –  http://www.ecs.umass.edu/ece/sdp/sdp12/moritz/

Augmented Reality – http://www.ecs.umass.edu/ece/sdp/sdp12/wolf/

For those who don’t know about the Intel sponsored college-level embedded design competition please visit http://www.systemseng.cornell.edu/intel/. The competition is a great way to apply the skills you attained throughout your college career, and it is an exciting way to wrap up your college career as well. I mean its Disney World!!!



-Edmar G.

Tubs of M5

Come to M5 and take a nice soothing bath…. NOT!

Tubs at M5 aren’t for taking care of your personal hygiene, we assume you’re at college so you are capable of doing that yourself!  I’m talking about these tubs:

If you’re working on a project and need a spare part, or helping out a DP class and need that 9pin to 34.52 pin Serial to ethernet adapter with three red blinky lights, chances are that we have it in one of these tubs.  If you are unsure whether the part you’re snagging needs to remain in M5, just ask a staff member!  So have fun taking your projects to new levels with some of the neat stuff at M5!


CIRCUITS and CODE Fall 2011






Come see cool projects at M5!  Circuits and Code is our semesterly project showcase.  M5 DP123 projects, some senior design projects, and individual projects will be demonstrated by their creators and inventors.

If you would like to show off a cool project of yours at this year’s C&C, send me an email!

patrick DOT m DOT estabrook AT gmail DOT com


Linux Workshop

“An older computer of mine once had a string of blue death screens and so I deleted Windows. Then installed Ubuntu. Then was happy again :)” ~ Sean Klaiber

On Saturday November 19th, Sean Klaiber hosted the second Linux workshop ever in M5, followed after the first one on Thursday the 17th. With a really cool PowerPoint presentation Sean took 12 engineering students through the basics of Linux based operating systems. Students engaged in basic yet very important command line actions that involved creating/deleting files/directories, directory navigation, sorting words within a text file and more.

So, Sean, why Linux?

Well…”Linux has been hugely successful as far as efficiency is concerned but remains difficult to use for most”. With this workshop Sean hoped to clear away some of the confusion and give students the opportunity to “boost their resume skills, teach them enough that all UNIX like systems will make less confusion, and expose the awesomeness of the command line”.

The presentation slides will be posted on M5’s website soon for those of you who would like to take a peek at them. For more info, reach out to Sean.

Attenders: Shamit Som (EE ’14), Matthew Wojick (EE ’15), Trevor Elkins (CSE ’13), Fabien Ahmed (EE & Physics ’13), Michael Brown (EE ’15), Colin Morrisseau (EE ’15), Andrew Sousa (EE ’15), Scott Arnold-Stanton (EE ’14), Guillermo Velasco (CSE ’14), Sharon Santana (CSE ’15), Chris Paika (CSE ’15) and Christian Haughwout (PoliSci & ChmE ’15).

-Edmar G.



Drive for Innovation

As some of you might know on October 4th the Chevy Volt and the crew behind Drive for Innovation made their way to UMass to see M5 and document the creativity that has been spurring in our corner of the world.

They poster five videos on their website about M5!!

A space of their own making


Theater of the engineering mind


The tweeting robot

Houston, we’ve got…bicycles

Music makes the lights go on

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Be sure to watch some of the other videos on the website as well, there are some pretty innovative people out there.

Adib Khozouee


MIDI ArcAYde – The First M5 Arduino Shield

Did you ever play an old PacMan arcade game and think, “Wow those sounds are awesome!  If only I could make them with an Arduino shield and a MIDI controller…”

Your prayers have been answered.  The AY chip is an arcade sound chip used to generate effects and music for a number of old arcade and console games.  M5ers made a circuit last spring that takes in MIDI information, such as that from a keyboard controller, and translates it into AY chip-speak.

The end result?  You can play note on a MIDI keyboard and generate big buzzy awesome arcade sounds.  All you need is an Arduino with the right software on it, our MIDI ArcAYde shield (get it?) and a MIDI controller, all of which we have at M5.  So come check it out!