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Did ya know? – M5’s Sealed Concrete Floors

Hey everyone, did you know that this past summer, a huge operation that involved the UMass Physical Plant, some of the M5 staff, and several volunteer ECE students led to the sealing of M5’s concrete floors? Well now you do.

The somewhat dusty floors of M5 has been banished using technology! And all it took was laboriously shuffling the furniture and general stuff between Euler’s Good room (formerly known as the Good Room), the Pi Room (formerly known as the Round Room), and the Shop in order for the crew from the Physical Plant to apply several coats of sealant on the concrete. The greatest effect of this is that the floors are much easier to sweep, and consequently reduced the amount of dust in M5. So enjoy one of M5’s newest features, and help keep M5 clean!



Impomptu Kirby dance on the clean floors:
<( ** )> <(**<) (>**)>  ^( ** )^