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The Future – Linux

An older computer of mine once had a string of blue death screens and so I deleted Windows. Then installed Ubuntu. Then was happy again ūüôā

This Thursday 6-9pm and Saturday 12-3pm, I’ll be hosting the first of two Linux workshops. This first week will be an intro to linux based operating systems and a couple of hugely important but relatively basic command line actions. We’ll be using live CDs running Ubuntu for both weeks.

Linux has been hugely successful as far as efficiency is concerned but remains difficult to use for most. Come to this workshop to clear away the confusion! It will boost your resume skills, teach you enough that all UNIX based systems will make less confusion, and expose the awesomeness of the command line!

Send any questions to smklaiber (at) gmail.com



The Future – Arduino Workshop

Ahh, the Arduino. M5 loves it. It has sort of become to us what wikipedia is for new topic research. It’s been described on the Arduino homepage as “an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments”. Since I often find myself describing gadgets by their functionality, I struggle with this one just because it has tendrils in so many different places. At it’s core is an 8-bit microcontroller but its success comes mostly from how simple it is to program and get electronics projects working quickly.

This Thursday from 6 to 9pm and Saturday from noon to 3pm, I’ll be hosting an Arduino workshop.¬†Anyone can come to the workshop but due to limited resources there will be a sign-up. Expect an email within the next fews days with more details.

If you’re confused what the Arduino can do, here‘s a (slightly) aged list of some of the best projects as listed by hacknmod.com.



The Future – Make Your Own PCB

This upcoming Thursday from 6-9 and Saturday 12-3 (aka, the “hacker times”), ALL INTERESTED STUDENTS have the opportunity to learn how to fabricate their own PCB’s using the ‘toner transfer method‘! Even if you missed the maker times for learning how to design PCB’s with Eagle, you can still come to this.

No matter what field of electrical or computer engineering you’re interested in, home PCB fabrication like we’ll be doing will be useful at some point in time (probably a good deal of times).


PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards are the ‘board’ part of every ‘circuit board’. If you open the case on any electronics device, you will find a circuit board inside. Strip off all of the components on the circuit board (if you have lots of spare time) and you will be left with the PCB. Learning how to make these at your home will save lots of time and money when making high quality circuits. Or if you’re in SDP and don’t have time or money before FDR…

Also, M5 is getting a laminator to make the process easier than ever before!


Above is an example of what we’ll be making

Hoping your living arrangement has heat,



Your M5

If you haven’t checked out M5’s WordPress Blog before, welcome! ¬†This is where the staff will be updating the happenings of M5. ¬†Don’t be a Scrooge! Check here daily to see what is the ghost of M5 past, present, and future. (You see what I did there?)

So Fall 2011 is half way over! ¬†Its time (already!) to start picking next semester’s classes and get your notes together for finals. ¬†We are going to be doing the same thing here at M5! ¬†We want to make Spring 2012 at M5 the most student interactive it has ever been. ¬†To do this, we’ll be continuing some of our great programs, clubs, workshops and Saturday hours, but we want to serve you better by knowing what YOU want. ¬†If you have any ideas, we will be looking for them in the M5 suggestions mailbox, located at the main entrance. ¬†Whether you think M5 needs to build a Hadron Collider, or just needs to add a part to the Part Wall, all ideas, suggestions, and feedback will help us get Spring 2012 rockin’ and rollin’…