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CNC – M5

Shop enthusiasts!


This week a team of staff and volunteers brought M5’s own personal CNC milling machine back to life!  The machine was built from scratch by a recent graduate, Brendan Nichols (MIE), and a group of students that were part of a small class that met once a week.  Using a Dremel Tool and some servos, we can now create some small scale projects autonomously.  The software allows for either automated use or manual control and supports many file formats, including Google’s own free(!) CAD software, SketchUp.


If you are interested, contact David via email at delentuk@student.umass.edu  about using the CNC or helping out with creating a stand and shield for the device.  So please stop by the shop if youwant to see this machine in action!




Lathe Up and Running!!!

Lathe Demonstration
Ric Z. teaching Blake how to run the lathe.


On Friday, Nov. 4th, Ric Z. demonstrated to Blake, an ECE student involved with Marc5, how operate the lathe. Ric and Blake turned down a brass fitting as a learning activity.  This is the first time the lathe has been up and running in the M5 shop! If you are interested in learning how to operate machinery in the shop or just want to be involved, stop by on Fridays @ 2:30ish (sometimes we are late).


Sound M5

Working late at M5?  Part of the DP groups in the front room?  Maybe you use M5’s HTPC to study semiconductor slides or you’re welding with Dave in the shop.  Whatever you’re doing, you and your friends have got to bump some tunes to get the party started!  M5 has the equipment to let you do that.  Do you know what this is?


It’s an audio transducer tile and is part of the Great Room stereo (The shop has them too!  Can you find them?).  Hook up your iPod portable media device to the receiver in the middle of the room and let ‘er rip.  In Euler’s Good Room we’ve got the HTPC.  Pull up your Pandora or take a spin on M5’s Spotify account.  And in case you haven’t heard the shop blasting yah boi P-Diddy lately, you can do that in there too.  Just look in these rooms for the direction sheet on how to use each system.  If you’ve got something that works with this:


then you’re good to go.  Just remember, as always, to be respectful of those around you.


Shop M5

Shop M5 is up and running thanks to David Elentukh who has cleaned and organized the shop. David has been meeting with students interested in the shop on Fridays @ 2:30pm where they work on various shop projects or their own personal projects.

Students haning out in the shop

The latest task the shop M5 has tackled is to fire up the DIY CNC milling machine that alumnus Brendan Nichols built for M5.

If you are interested in shop M5 contact David via email at delentuk@student.umass.edu

Sincerely, The Cowboy

Your M5

If you haven’t checked out M5’s WordPress Blog before, welcome!  This is where the staff will be updating the happenings of M5.  Don’t be a Scrooge! Check here daily to see what is the ghost of M5 past, present, and future. (You see what I did there?)

So Fall 2011 is half way over!  Its time (already!) to start picking next semester’s classes and get your notes together for finals.  We are going to be doing the same thing here at M5!  We want to make Spring 2012 at M5 the most student interactive it has ever been.  To do this, we’ll be continuing some of our great programs, clubs, workshops and Saturday hours, but we want to serve you better by knowing what YOU want.  If you have any ideas, we will be looking for them in the M5 suggestions mailbox, located at the main entrance.  Whether you think M5 needs to build a Hadron Collider, or just needs to add a part to the Part Wall, all ideas, suggestions, and feedback will help us get Spring 2012 rockin’ and rollin’…