UMass Team gets 2nd Place in IEEE Ethics Competition!

Congratulations to ECE students Chris Garry, Brian Giang, and Allen Chew for getting second place in this year’s Ethics Competition at the IEEE Region 1 Conference in Hartford!

The Region 1 SAC Conference is a one-day affair, from breakfast at 7AM to dinner at 7PM, where students can attend workshops and lectures, and with competitions in the afternoon.  There are three competitions: the Micromouse competition, the Student Paper Competition, and the Student Ethics Competition.  This year’s conference took place on March 10 and 11.


For the Ethics competition, there were ten teams of 2-4 students each.  UMass had two teams at this year’s conference: Chris, Brian, and Allen on one; and Sandy Jenkins, Hayan Xu, and Andy Yee on the other.  At the start of the competition, the teams were given a case study and one hour to prepare a presentation that analyzes the case study based on the IEEE code of ethics.  In other words, each team was given an ethical dilemma relating to engineering, and had to say what their decision would be and make a compelling argument in favor of it.  When it came time for a team to present, they had 10 minutes to make their case followed by a 5-minute question and answer session with the judges.  They announce the winners later that evening over dinner.

Brian tells me that it was a great hotel with a pool and hot tub, and that the whole experience was worthwhile and fun.  There was time allocated specifically to meet the other students and professionals at the conference.

The IEEE is great!  Get involved!



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