Friday - 28 November 2014
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Nico’s Pick-Up

Project: Single string guitar & pick-up. Contributors: Nico Blase [EE ’16] & Jose LaSalle [EE ’16] Explanation: A magnet is placed in a coil of wire such that a large magnetic field is imposed within the coil. We know that fluctuations in a coil’s magnetic field induces a voltage and mutually arising current. So how does the magnetic field in ... Read More »

Micromouse Update

Andrew Sousa EE ’15 has been busy working on an amazing little maze-solving robot – a Micromouse.But what is a Micromouse you ask? A Micromouse is an autonomous robot that navigates a 16 x 16 maze, finds the center, and then calculates the quickest route to the middle, from the starting point. Micromouse Update As Andrew explains, “We are using stepper ... Read More »

M5 SPOTLIGHT: Christian Haughwout ChE & Physics ’15

M5 SPOTLIGHT: Christian Haughwout ChE & Physics ’15 This game is based on Lunar Lander, a 1979 Atari video game where the player has to control the flight of a small spacecraft as it descends to the surface of the moon. The game was constucted by Christian Haughwout ChE and Physics-2015 and Bob Jeffway CSE ’77, and uses an Arduino ... Read More »

Circuits and Code Spring 2013

We had a great turnout at this Spring’s installment of Circuits and Code, which coincided with the Senior Design Project Showcase. Great job to the students who presented, and thanks to everyone who came through. Be sure to join us again in the fall! Read More »

Senior Design Project Expo

Another year, another batch of graduating seniors displaying the best and brightest of projects. Last Saturday, the basement of Marcus Hall was converted into a design exposition featuring thirteen project from ECE’s outgoing seniors. The event went from 11-2PM, and the house was full the entire time. Children, grandparents, faculty, students, and purely interested people shuffled around the lower-level corridor ... Read More »

Open House at M5

This past Friday, prospective students visiting UMass for open house got a chance to visit M5. We opened our doors to dozens of high school seniors interested in the College of Engineering, hoping to give them a better glimpse in the day-to-day life of an engineering student. Multiple demos were on display, including the Fire Fighting Robot. David was on ... Read More »

Save these Dates!

ECE students, faculty, and staff! Here are some upcoming events that you won’t want to miss: Friday, 19 April Senior Design Project Day: 10AM-2PM, Marcus Hall Picnic: 3PM-7PM, Hadley Young Men’s Club Saturday, 20 April Senior Design Project Expo, 11AM-2PM, Lower Level of Marcus Hall Circuits and Cable, 12PM-4PM, 5 Marcus Hall (M5) Friday, 26 April Banquet, 6PM, Hadley Marriot ... Read More »

ECE in the News

Electrical and Computer Engineering students Scott Rosa, Kenny Van Tassell, Tim Coyle, and Justin Kober were recently featured in the Massachusetts Daily Collegian for their Senior Design Project. The project, a football helmet equipped with a Real-time Concussion Analyzer (RCA), is designed to address the now-apparent problem of brain damage among NFL players. The helmet collects data in real time, processed through ... Read More »